It has been 14 years now since Mother Teresa was beatified on 19 October 2017 in the Vatican, where she was proclaimed from Pope John Paul II as “Blessed”. Ajdin Sejdiu, the famous Kosovar businessmen, is one of the most human and generous businessmen, and has been helping and sponsoring many human and artistic works over the years.

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One of the human works that has left a mark in Albanian history is the sponsorship that he made for the Mother Teresa title “Blessed”. It was one of the most human works strongly supported by the contribution of Ajdin Sejdiu with the greatest act of generosity. Nowadays, Kosovo and Albania, should feel very proud in front of this sacred Albanian reality!

Today Sejdiu for says that the sponsorships that he have done during the years, is one of his most special spiritual pleasures, and without any kind of beneficial interest. “First I can mention the sponsorship for the great concert held in the Vatican in commemoration of Mother Teresa, with orchestra conductor, Ylli Leka”.

“This concert joined Kosovo and Albania and many distinguished figures of art and business. Besides the support for the title as “Blessed”, I have sponsored Mother Teresa’s book “Teach me to Love”, that has been published in several foreign languages”.

“This book was distributed in the Vatican for free, and five thousand copies were dedicated to the participants. I have also supported many associations established in the name of Mother Teresa in the state of Kosovo and Albania and the Diaspora, from 1982 to 2016. I have done everything with the greatest love and my support have been present and will continue to be”.

“What impressed me in all this story was the disappointment that I received from the Albanian state and Kosovar state: I have never received the gift of the word “Thank You”.

“Don Lush Gjergji, a friend of mine and as well the organizer of Mother Teresa’s beatification has never thanked me for the support that I have provided”.

“I have never been thanked through a letter or a phone call, but again I cannot change everything in this world, I think that I am born just to do good for others”, concludes Ajdin Sejdiu for






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