Dr. Riselda Sejdija, a professor and choreographer at Academy of Arts in Tirana, is well known for frequently being part of different international conferences. For this choreographer workshops, seminars and conferences outside Albania have become a necessary ritual. Riselda is continuously training abroad and her scientific qualifications have an extremely important place in her life achievements.

Recently, she took part in the IJAS international scientific conference, where she presented a scientific research extracted from her book and was considered as one of the most interesting research of the event. Her research was accepted to be published in the IJAS scientific journal, USA. In addition she participated in training in disciplines of contemporary dances at Broadway Dance Center, in New York.
Today, Dr. Riselda Sejdija is in Prague to attend another scientific conference of the International Journal of Arts and Science (IJAS). Riselda, the choreographer, has posted in her Instagram that this scientific research that she prepared for the audience in this conference, was part of her last monography that she prepared for the PHD. Today she holds the title of “Doctor”.
“The Aestethic Effect in the Arberesh Dance”, is the scientific research that Riselda did present in front of the delegates, attending the international conference in Prague which lasted 4 days.

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Sejdija in her last post says: “I feel artistically highly appreciated!” Today I carry an international certificate, with my name on it and I feel blessed that after 15 minutes presentation in English, there were discussions and a special interest of this artistic scientific work”, concludes the proffesor.

IJAS-International Journal of Arts&Sciences is a scientific academy of arts and science which accepts and certifies the best researches selected from all the participants.
All the researches are analyzed and approved by an international editorial staff consisting of 40 Professors and Doctors of different fields, and they are qualified with a participating certificate and the works are published in the world’s most famous journal, IJAS, dedicated to the art and science.

Dr. Riselda Sejdija is valued by an international scientific academic staff as one of the most qualified choreographers in the Academy of Arts of Tirana. Mullir.al wishes to Dr. Riselda Sejdija further success.


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